• Macennah White

Why Is Windshield Replacement Free In Arizona?

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Windshield damage is often unavoidable, there are always going to be risks while you drive on what oftentimes seem like lawless western roads. Unlike the risks of daily driving, having to pay out of pocket might be avoidable for some Arizona drivers.

Do you have the type of coverage that could make your windshield repair or replacement free? Did you know that this was an option? Trust me, the information below could save you hundreds of dollars a year with just one phone call to your insurance company. Before it mattered to me, I had no idea that we lived in one of the eight zero deductible states when it comes to windshield replacement.

Through clarification with your insurance company, you could enjoy the added benefit of peace of mind if you need a windshield replacement. You’ve just got to know the right questions to ask... That’s where I come in.

Is YOUR windshield covered?

Let me educate you on the ins and outs of getting the best coverage out of your insurance company, including how to navigate obtaining free windshield replacement.

I think I can speak for the majority here when I say that auto insurance and the laws surrounding it are confusing. Now, add some optional coverage laws to the picture and we’re even more confused. In the meantime, you’re just trying to get your windshield replaced so that you can avoid extra fines should you get pulled over and ticketed.

Arizona’s Zero Deductible Full Glass Coverage Law gives any insured driver an option to add the zero-deductible benefit to their plan. This state law is set and weaved into insurance laws. As an optional arrangement, windshield replacement coverage comes with some requirements; you must have:

· Current* and; Comprehensive vehicle insurance.**

Calling your insurance company and asking about those two things will put you in exactly the right spot behind the cue ball and possibly get that windshield replaced for free.

*Your insurance must be established and up to date with payment when you’re filing a claim to replace a windshield.

**This is not the state minimum insurance requirement (liability insurance). Liability insurance is the typ