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Range Rover Windshield Replacement | Tempe+

The Rover series is one of the most highly sought-after vehicles on the market today. The Range Rover company originated in the 50s and was and became available for public consumption in the 70s. The Rover vehicles are still somewhat new to America, as they made their debut in the late 80s with only a single mode.  In the 2000s, The Range Rover Series started to take off. It's now an absolute staple in the luxury automobile market. Hatch Auto is a staple in the windshield replacement near me industry as well. Hatch Auto Glass was started in 2015 by Kevin Hatch. We've since serviced hundreds of broken windshields in Arizona. We've expanded to multiple locations, including Gilbert, Tempe, and Phoenix. 

What's the Range Rover Windshield Replacement Process? 


  • First, we check the auto glass damage and make sure that you need your windshield replaced after that, we carefully remove your Auto Glass. Then we insert your Range Rover windshield into place. We recommend you let your Range Rover windshield sit 45 minutes before considering driving it again we need to allow the glue to set and bind your windshield. 

How much does an out-of-pocket Range Rover Windshield Cost Me?

  • Range Rovers, Land Rovers and Jaguars are exotic high-end vehicles. Their windshield, as you would expect, is that the top end of the market. If you're looking to pay cash newer Rover model salt, you can expect to pay upwards $1,500. That being said, older Range Rover windshields that we have in stock can cost significantly less.

Will my insurance cover my Broken Range Rover Windshield? 

  • Hatch has found that in most cases, Auto Insurance covers broken windshield replacement. Arizona is a no-fault state. That means that if you have insurance - Range Rover window replacement will not affect your rates in any way, and you'll have to pay your deductible to get your range rover windshield replaced. 


What Rover Windshields Can We Fix? 

  • Hatch Auto Glass repairs and replaces all Range Rover, Land Rover, and Jaguar windshields. It is worth noting Range Rover windshield will need to be calibrated in a lot of cases. This is because of technology, including rain sensors and lane detection built into your auto glass sensors. 

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