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Jeep Windhield Replacement
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Jeep Windshield Repair Near Me

Jeep | Hatch Auto Glass Repair Tempe

Jeeps' considered an absolute favorite in Arizona, due to its incredible versatility and ability to handle rugged off-road terrain.


Hatch Auto Glass characterizes the American dream, founded in 2015 by Kevin Hatch, at age nineteen. Hatch has since expanded to four employees, with over twenty years of combined windshield replacement experience. So know that when you finally have had enough of that cracked Jeep Elantra windshield chip. Hatch Auto Glass is ready to help - just like our motto says - If you "have a crack, need a windshield patched, call Hatch."


Best Jeep Windshield Replacement Near me | Auto Insurance | Tempe

  • Hatch Auto Glass Repair works with auto insurance companies for windshield replacement or repair.

  • Our mobile services (when covered by your insurance) are completely free. We travel anywhere to fix your auto glass including your home, place of work, grocery store, nail salon, etc. All we need is about 6 ft of space and 1.5 hours of time before driving. 

  • We walk you through the entire process- coupling with you and your auto insurance company, confirming proper glass coverage, date of accident,  policy information, and scheduling your Jeep windshield replacement near me - in Arizona.​

  • We supply excellent Jeep OEM & ODM windshields., So if you want an original JEEP auto brand windshield replacement - we absolutely can.  ​

Best Priced Jeep Windshield Replace | Without Insurance

  • Are you comparing the best Jeep windshield prices? When you're not covered or your glass coverage deductible is more expensive than buying a new cash windshield - cash for windshields the way to go.​

  • A brand new Jeep windshield replacement price varies for out of pocket. You can typically expect to around 350 dollars for a new Jeep windshield replacement cash. Although the year of model can greatly impact pricing differential on jeep vehicles.

  • For an exact cash quote - give us a call, text, or use the Hatch cash quote form. We want an opportunity to be your windscreen replacement company of choice. Hatch beats any legitimate new windshield offer.

Often Repaired Jeep Windshield Models Include:


  • Jeep Cherokee

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Jeep Compass

  • Jeep Renegade

Local Jeep Front Windshield Repair locations include: 

  • Front Windshield Replacement | Rear windscreen Scottsdale

  • Windshield Calibration Tempe

  • Ceramic auto Glass  Tint - every window Mesa 

  • Power Window all the way into Tucson 

Jeep Windshield Replacement VS Repair 

Signs it's time to get your Jeep windshield replaced in Arizona include:

  • The crack is the length of an AMEX credit card

  • The auto glass shattered completely - think medium-sized to large spider web. 

  • The windshield crack impairs your line of sight - making driving difficult. 

  • The infrastructure of the windscreen is damaged (black outer molding of auto-glass).

  • There are window air leaks, water leaks, and warped or "wavey" glass.

  • Three or more individual chips - due to glass integrity damage

Most likely need your windshield repaired: 

  • Small bull's eye chip | little pitted star break | very small spider web 

  • A chip, crack, glass breaking - insignificant in size 

  • The chip and crack is out of the drivers' line of sight (not deep)

  • Two or fewer chips in your jeep SUV glass


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