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Frequently asked Mobile Windshield Replacement Questions

Mobile Windshield replacement means we drive to your location to fix your broken or cracked windshield. 

Does Mobile auto glass cost more? 

Mobile windshield replacement is not marked up in anyway. It costs the same price as an install in our auto glass shop. 

Does my insurance cover mobile windshield replacement? 


Yes, your insurance does cover mobile windshield replacement 10 out of 10 times if you follow the standards put in place, go to a trusted reputable shop, and give your claim number. 


Can I pay for a mobile windshield repair with cash?


Yes, you can pay for mobile windshield replacement with cash the typical cost for mobile windshield replacement is around $240, but it can go up to $1000 on an exotic and as low as $150 for some models of vehicle. 

How do I schedule a mobile windshield replacement?

If you want to schedule a mobile windshield replacement call Hatch at 480-447-3277. We are available 362 days out of 364 and open from 7 am to 7 pm. 

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