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Learn About Rear Windshield Replacement 

Rear windshields on cars are designed to protect from flying debris, protect passengers and the driver in case of an accident, and prevent wind from entering your windshield. They are also designed to provide airflow, as well as protection from sunlight. Unlike the front windshield, which is usually made of tempered glass, the rear windshield is designed in the same way as car glass intended for the passenger's side window or vent window, quarter glass, or half-moon window: tempered glass.
Some cars have sliding panels called "tints" installed on their rear windows, while others have "windshields" installed.
Windshields are generally installed on the driver's or passenger's side of your car, depending on where your windows are located. In most cases, the driver's windscreen will be located above the passenger's. In some older cars, the passenger's windshield was mounted above the driver's and this practice was continued in some newer cars, but is now considered to be illegal in many jurisdictions. 

If your Rear Windshield is Damaged

When a car's rear windscreen is damaged, it is necessary to repair the damage to both the front and the back of the rear window. This repair will make it easier to see out of your window, and it will reduce glare, so you don't have to stare into the sun to drive. In case you do have a windscreen damaged, you may not need to replace your whole windshield, as repairing the damaged portion of your windscreen will fix the damaged part of your window, and you will only need to replace the piece that was damaged. However, if your window is severely damaged, you should call a professional to have your windscreen repaired.

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