• Macennah White


Arizona Through the Windshield

Seeing AZ sunset through car windshield
Gorgeous Arizona Sunset

Like anyone who drives in Arizona, you’re probably just as stumped as I am when you see a tiny chip in your windshield grow to a crack that wasn’t there yesterday.

Windshields in this state are an unfortunate magnet for all kinds of debris. They can also fall victim to high summer temperatures and buckle under pressure changes from a weekend trip upstate. Depending on size and location, pesky cracks could earn you a $150 ticket if you were to be pulled over. Police in our state are trained to recognize windshield flaws that could potentially distort the driver’s vision. According to Arizona’s cracked windshield replacement law, federal requirements mandate drivers have clear vision.

Due to the high demand in our state and urgency to keep an intact windshield for the safety of everyone, auto glass shops have taken to wheels and can easily service you at your home or workplace (my personal choice) with minimal disturbance to your routine. Truly a game-changer for windshield repair, alleviating the need to schedule your day around waiting at a repair shop!

If avoiding fines, staying safe, and convenient repair aren’t incentive enough for you to replace your windshield, I’m sure that an undisturbed view of our gorgeous sunrises and sunsets would be. 😊

Replace or Repair?

If you have a crack in your windshield, position a dollar bill along the length. Does your dollar cover the entire crack? If no, you’ll be needing a repair.


If you’ve got a chip, go ahead and grab a quarter from your center console, this will be yet another unofficial measuring device. Place the quarter directly on top of the chip in the windshield.

Are you noticing that you can’t cover it completely? That’s because your chip is bigger than the limit they can