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Volvo Windshield Replacement | Hatch Auto Glass

About Volvo | Hatch Auto Glass Company

Volvo is a Scandinavian bass company out of Sweden and has won many International Awards for safety, reliability, and technology. Volvo is known by many as the leader in vehicle safety. Even though safe, Volvo vehicles can be compromised when an auto glass crack becomes too large, impairing your driving vision. That's when Hatch Auto Glass comes into play. We replace your broken windshield as soon as possible, and typically an auto glass appointment can be scheduled within 24 hours. So you can stay safe on the road inside your Volvo. Hatch Auto Glass knows Volvo windshields. We are the best Volvo replacement Auto Glass Company in Tempe. We've fixed too many damaged Volvo windshields in Arizona to even count. Our Auto Glass team of experts will get you back in your Volvo safely and comfortably. 

 Volvo Windshield Replacement Process:


  • Our first step on the scene is to confirm the damage to your windshield.

  • We then explain taking down down your windshield, and begin to remove the damaged windshield. 

  • Our tech then installs the new Volvo windshield. 

  • Lastly, we vacuum up any glass that may have landed in your vehicle to ensure it is spotless. Be sure to wait 1 hour before driving your repair Volvo again.

Need XC60 windshield replacement? 

  • Np, Hatch Auto Glass can fix any make, model, and year of vehicle. We often repair cracked Volvo windshields. Including the XC60 XC70 and XC90 models.

Will my insurance cover my broken Volvo auto glass?


  • Yes, If you have comprehensive auto glass coverage. You are responsible only for your insurance deductible, the cost can vary from 0-500 dollars typically, pending your insurance contract. We can help if you're unsure about what type of coverage you have available.

Will filing an auto glass claim for my Volvo windshield count towards my insurance policy?  

  •  No filing an application in Arizona specifically will not raise your Auto Glass insurance rates in almost all cases. Arizona is a no-fault state when it comes to auto glass claims. 

Local OEM Volvo Glass:


  • Hatch Auto Glass can source many original glass manufacturers, including Volvo, so you are getting the windshield that you purchased when you drove your Volvo off the car lot. 

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