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Ins and Outs of Van Windshield Replacement 

here are several things that you should know about van windshield replacement. Windshields can be repaired with a simple replacement, and the repair could take as little as 30 minutes. The most common damage that occurs is a chip or dent in the glass, and this happens more often on older vehicles or when there is no tint or paint on the glass. Another reason that windshield damage occurs is when the windshield breaks because of impact, and the broken piece of glass is not correctly secured to the windshield. Another factor in the replacement cost is the size of the chip or dent in the glass, bigger the chip or dent in the glass is, the larger the replacement part will be and the longer it will take to replace the damaged windshield.

Another thing to keep in mind about van windshield replacement costs is the size of your vehicle, especially since vans are usually on the larger size. Some vehicles require a completely new windshield, while others can be repaired. The more damage your windshield can withstand, the higher your price will be for your windshield replacement.

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