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10 Seriously Interesting Windshield Factoids (#4 is truly wild...)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Researching the most interesting things about windshields proved to be a... task. So, I compiled a list of ACTUALLY INTERESTING findings that have been boggling my mind for some time now.

1. There's a windshield phenomenon happening as we speak...

Sunset through a windshield

This "windshield phenomenon" is a term given to the observation that fewer insects are accumulating on windshields of automobiles. The global decline in insect populations has been associated with the changes being made by human activity.

2. The 1954 Seattle windshield pitting epidemic

Old School Picture

In 1954 Bellingham, Seattle and the surrounding area, the month of April brought on one of the silliest examples of mass delusion. This moment of hysteria was illustrated by windshield holes that were not noticed beforehand and the causes that were attributed ranged from vandals and pranks, sand flea eggs being laid, to nuclear bomb testing.

Pictured is a high school student jokingly guarding her boyfriend's windshield during the local panic.

3. The Barnacle, "the boot's" annoying little brother.