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10 Seriously Interesting Windshield Factoids (#4 is truly wild...)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Researching the most interesting things about windshields proved to be a... task. So, I compiled a list of ACTUALLY INTERESTING findings that have been boggling my mind for some time now.

1. There's a windshield phenomenon happening as we speak...

Sunset through a windshield

This "windshield phenomenon" is a term given to the observation that fewer insects are accumulating on windshields of automobiles. The global decline in insect populations has been associated with the changes being made by human activity.

Old School Picture

In 1954 Bellingham, Seattle and the surrounding area, the month of April brought on one of the silliest examples of mass delusion. This moment of hysteria was illustrated by windshield holes that were not noticed beforehand and the causes that were attributed ranged from vandals and pranks, sand flea eggs being laid, to nuclear bomb testing.

Pictured is a high school student jokingly guarding her boyfriend's windshield during the local panic.

3. The Barnacle, "the boot's" annoying little brother.

This 20 lb., keypad-armed slab of plastic is redefining keeping a vehicle immobilized. Whether you're avoiding paying long overdue parking tickets, are parked illegally for a long period of time, or even have unpaid taxes, the Barnacle won't come off until any or all of those issues are taken care of. If you try to drive off with your new, semi-permanent, totally inconspicuous windshield visor, the Barnacle's tracking system will sound off a high-pitched alarm.

If you find that you've been "Barnacle'd"check out this link on what to do.

4. Cracked airplane windshields are "common"...

Oliver McGee, a political analyst with a background in engineering, wrote about the phenomenon in a 2014 LinkedIn article stating:

In fact, cracked or shattered cockpit windshield occurrences, during commercial aircraft flights at normal cruise altitudes, ranging 20-38 thousand feet, happen more often than one might think. Every week or two theres a cracked or shattered cockpit windshield incident happening on one of the nearly 90 thousands flights airborne each day (or nearly 33 million flights annually) around the world.

5. $$$ on your windshield might be bait to steal your car

Suspicions surrounding purposely distracting objects strewn across your windshield or under your windshield wipers might mean that someone is keeping an eye on you while you're getting in your car in an attempt to steal your vehicle. The goal for the criminal is for you to notice the object (reports of money, zip ties, shirts, and ominous notes) as soon as you're seated and your keys are in the ignition.

Skepticism online usually debunks these mysterious happenings, but it's still smart to report anything suspicious.

6. Cute things like to hang out on windshields, too.

Animals are known to attack... your windshield, that is! Windshield replacement experts have seen it all when they are called upon to replace the damage. Penny Stacy writes about flying wild turkeys, turtles, and falcons in her article.

7. The luckiest shattered windshields get turned into art.

Comprised of hundreds of shattered auto-glass, Ivan Lee Mora has conceptualized a way to laminate and layer these seemingly boring objects into works of magnificent art, currently displayed at City Aquarium, NYC.

8. Other recycled windshields were turned into a greenhouse!

House made out of windshields
House of Windshields

This eclectic French country garden was decorated with this insane windshield cocoon by Sebastian Ramirez. He is busy busting out recycled glass pieces out of the woodwork, rather I'd say glasswork? The protective pupa shown here is set to be a small greenhouse.

9. Dirty windshield art turned from "wash me" notes to this:

Dirty back windshield

This Yaris dons the “Great Wave off of Kanagawa” via Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art. He has been playing around int he dirt of countless car windshields for the last 20 years. The da Vinci of dirt says:

"A lot of times people are like 'Why are these cars all dirty?' if it is before I've actually created artwork on them," he said.
"I usually don't answer them because it's more fun to watch their reaction when they actually see what I am doing."

And to Scott I say: keep on keeping on.

10. How hard would you have to throw a gummy bear to shatter a glass windshield?

This photo does not portray what happened with a gummy bear, but it kinda looks like it, huh? This is a photo of a ballistic windshield.

If you were to try to do this with a gummy bear, the math would go a little something like this per Ferocious888 on this thread:

Apparently you have to run as fast as usain bolt (12.51 m/s) and weigh 120kg. Force = mass x acceleration, so I don’t know if velocity works here. But 12.51 x 120= 1501.2.
A gummy bear weights .0026 kg, so 1501.2 / .0026 = 577,384.615 m/s, or 1,291,572 mph.

Here, they were able to deduce that it would take a gummy bear traveling at 1,291,572 mph to break through a standard vehicle windshield.


Rain or shine, turkeys or gummy bears, you'll be pleased to know Hatch has your back! Get in touch with us anytime to take care of whatever your situation might be, after reading this piece you're probably ready to protect your windshield at all costs!

Did you enjoy this article? Which factoid did you already know? Is there something that you learned? What topics would you like me to cover regarding windshields? Let us know!!!

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