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Quality Windshield Replacement | Glendale

Glendale is a quaint city with promising upbringing, Glendale has always flown quietly under the radar, bringing us the Chocolate Festival or Glendale Glitters, some of my personal seasonal favorites. When Arizona was first finding its bearings, the two things that this acropolis was known for was water and transportation. The latter of the two has changed almost as much as the former. While most Glendale residents use the Interstate 17 and the Loop 101 West to get where they need to go, they’re constantly at risk for the numerous amounts of debris that litter the streets and make getting a quick chip often inevitable.


If you have a crack in your windshield and need it patched, give Hatch Auto Glass a chance!

While there are many options for you to choose from for repairs in Anthem, Hatch Auto Glass should be your top choice for our state of the art customer and vehicle service. We strive to be the best windshield repair and replacement company in Phoenix by taking daily action to set ourselves apart whether that be through providing the utmost customer service or installing the highest quality of auto glass in the industry. Our commitment is to your safety above anything.


Do you have any questions about our process, COVID-19 health and safety accommodations, or would like to schedule a convenient mobile appointment? Don’t hesitate to call Hatch at (480) 447-3277.

We can often schedule same-day window repair, and always next window repair Monday through Saturday in Glendale, AZ. We know Glendale has quite a few auto glass companies. We will do our best to ensure you have a 5-star quality experience with Hatch. Hatch Auto-Glass wants you to be safe on the Glendale roads. If you have a crack in your windshield. Call us to make an appointment or get more information about using Hatch Auto Glass. 



Hatch Auto Glass Customer Testimonial | John Doe - Glendale


“Living in Arizona, the Valley of the Sun, with a black car with black leather interior can definitely chap your hide… LITERALLY branding you with the seatbelt buckle. Things are getting real western out here under the radar in the summer months. My Ram’s original tint job from a couple of years back needed an upgrade in a bad way. The rear windows were only minimally tinted at best, and the front windows were rated at roughly 20%… so it was baking away every time I drove. To make it worse, the tint was beginning to peel and bubble. Time for the upgrade, if you ask me. I’d be putting it off for as long as I could bear to stand.

After what felt like an entire caseload of research on Yelp for the best business, I reached out to Hatch to get a quote. I read somewhere on their website that they are local Phoenicians, so they must know a little bit about what they’re talking about when it comes to the heat here in Glendale. I got a response from the owner. He was as detailed as possible in his plan of action, and I appreciated that. I think that he was able to see that through myself, I am very detail orientated and probably talked his ear off for a good 15 minutes before I let him speak!


ALL the people at Hatch Auto Glass were extremely knowledgeable and are not at all sales pushers. They listen to what you need to be done and will make sure you get exactly that. I can’t stand when businesses think that they know what is wrong with your car before they even come out to look at the thing, so I appreciate how they didn’t get sales-y over the phone and waited to recommend things and have a conversation about my plans to fix the other minor windshield-related issues. Again, it was a conversation that they wanted to have with me, not to push a sales plan onto me that same day. It was the same when I had the tech come by, he had answered the phone and I was listening to the conversation, he was treating the customer exactly like he’d treated me. When he got on the line with his boss, I could also tell that they’re huge on respect here. And here some businesses are, like car washes, who have people trying to upset upset upset until you have to actually ignore them!


The shop did such a super job on replacing the tint of the front two, I immediately asked if they could go ahead and do the rear windows and without hesitation, they went for it! It already feels so much cooler in this truck I am so happy with their work.

I grabbed a few of their cards to pass out to friends so they know there is a reputable shop to take on their vehicles for any auto glass needs. Thank you for making me a happy and loyal customer!

John N.”

We realize the high-quality quality auto glass expectations for Glendale customers. We provide that with the following services:
  • Front windshield replacement | repair

  • Rear windshield replacement | repair

  • Side window replacement  | repair

  • Window tint | ceramic window tint

  • Power window repair

  • Windshield calibration

  • R.V windshield repair

  • Exotics windshield repair | replacement

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