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Mobile Windshield Replacement Queen Creek and Surrounding Areas: 

While there are many options for you to choose from for repairs in Queen Creek, Hatch Auto Glass should be your top choice for our state of the art customer and vehicle service. We strive to be the best windshield repair and replacement company in Phoenix by taking daily action to set ourselves apart whether that be through providing the utmost customer service or installing the highest quality of auto glass in the industry. Our commitment is to your safety above anything.

Do you have any questions about our process, COVID-19 health and safety accommodations, or would like to schedule a convenient mobile appointment? Don’t hesitate to call Hatch at (480) 447-32 or check us out on GMB

Read a Queen Creek customers Windshield Repair Experience with Hatch Auto Glass: 


My insurance company told me that I could use any business that came to mind while replacing my windshield, and my first thought was a well-known company, Safelite. I called them and they didn’t have any openings for that day. I told them to call me back if there was a cancellation. When I got on the internet and looked up the best windshield repair in Queen Creek, AZ, I came across Hatch Auto Glass. I was almost through looking at the website when I got a call back from Safelite that they could take me in 30 mins. Looking back, I realize I’d made a mistake.

Sit down and take a journey with me so I can tell you why I think that.

There was very small damage to the most inopportune spot on my windshield. Even the tiniest of chips must be repaired if it is in your line of vision, so I knew I had to do something soon or risk a ticket. I was a little upset that my brand new car had already experienced a repair-worthy issue. Nevertheless, I was eager to get everything fixed in the same day.

When I was greeted for my service from Satellite after arriving late, he told me that my small chip that is easily repairable was”fixable, though it won’t look any better and might get worse."

See, I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and kept my mouth shut about his poor punctuality, but the last bit about my small chip getting bigger? What? How? I guess? “..Go for it?” THAT was a MISTAKE.

Not even 5 mins later, he came out of the service area to report that the chip increased to a crack the size of a dollar bill, there were circular tiny cracks surrounding the original crack, which is now encompassing the size of a frisbee, then they told me that I would need a replacement. I told him “ABSOLUTELY NOT” and I got myself out of there.

5 minutes after that, I get into it with my insurance company. I know that I have comprehensive insurance and I can pretty much use any auto glass company that I want. PLUS! I know for a fact that living in AZ has its perks of being a zero deductible state so that was the first positive of the day regarding the windshield replacement.

The second positive was calling Hatch Auto Glass like I’d planned on before I got the call about same-day service. (I learned throughout all this to go with your gut regardless). I had read some reviews and looked into what some friends have said about the business, and I decided that I should give this team a call. Traveling out to Glendale was no problem for them, I was able to let them know where I would be and they came right to me, assessed what was up and the terrible job that was done on my windshield by the other guys.

I was astonished that the guys at Hatch gave me info about my windshield and the windshield business as we were interacting, they were telling me that most of the companies that do replacements, their larger competitors, don’t follow proper guidelines. I really put my trust in these guys and my replacement was immaculate.


Windshield Replacement Queen Creek

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