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Tesla | Hatch Auto Glass

 Tesla is changing the world. Tesla offers one the most robust and tech-friendly pickles on the market today. With all this technology, there's a significant risk of your windshield becoming cracked; that's where hatch Auto Glass helps service many Teslas as they've come into popularity over the years. I familiar with Tesla Shield calibration, so even if you have a small rock chip or an air leak indoor Tesla windshield hatch Auto Glass is there to help hatch Auto Glass has been around since 2015. we know the ins-and-outs of Tesla vehicles and what it takes to get you back safely again.


Why should you choose Hatch Auto Glass to fix your Tesla windshield?


Windshield design has become increasingly complex over the years, especially Tesla glass. They've pioneered new advancements in windshield Tesla. They've even created an electrical-magnetic windshield wiper system. This complex windshield tech stack makes it one of the most advanced and technically tricky windshields to replace on the market today. 

Mobile Tesla Windshield Calibration? 

There's a high likelihood you will need to get your Tesla windshield recalibrated in an auto glass shop. Tesla Model 3s and beyond come packed with Tech, such a rain sensors, electromagnetic wipers, and advanced overlays. 


 What's the cost of getting my Tesla windshield replaced out-of-pocket?

Tesla glass it's quite expensive because there is no alternative Tesla glass. If you want your Tesla windshield replace you looking at around $1,000 plus, there may be additional calibration fees on top of that. However, in most cases, your Auto Glass insurance (in Arizona) covers cracked windshield damages. Hatch Auto Glass will be sure to call with you to ensure accurate pricing. 

Do I have to go to a Tesla dealership to replace my Tesla windshield?


Hatch Auto Glass offers certified windshield replacement experts. This certification means you can avoid going to the Tesla dealership and paying enormous additional labor fees. And, still be confident, a certified expert is working on repair or replacing your Tesla glass. 

Customer Testimonial From Tesla Owner ( Scottsdale): 


 "I scheduled a Tesla windshield replacement for my model 3- because
some guy smashed my rear car window and attempted to break-in. With I assume a baseball bat? No idea.. 

Anyway, there was significant rear windshield damage from their sad break-in attempt.  So.. I got on the phone with my State Farm Insurance. State Farm connected me with Hatch Auto Glass in Tempe, which was fine, as they were willing to drive out to fix my now shattered windshield. 

I received a call the morning of my scheduled appointment, confirming my appointment window. Which was a nice gesture, and very helpful for planning my day... My Tech showed up promptly to my home at the scheduled time. 

Tech showed up super helpful, professional, and friendly, with the whole process completed in 30 minutes. Hopefully, I don't have to get another Auto Glass repair again, but I'll know who to call. "

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