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Best Windshield Replacement | Anthem

Anthem is a well-known town outside the throes of the city known for year-round family-oriented activities. Whether you’re out enjoying the community water parks with slides and a range of depth for all swimming levels, bicycle and rollerblading paths that criss-cross the town and all major streets, or hanging out at amphitheater parks that host concerts, you’ll notice how beautiful this town is. I-17 is the primary connection between here and the city, other than the surface streets that access the metropolitan area. Like all the highways and roads in Arizona, debris in the form of small-medium rocks and other items from work trucks and things of that nature are strewn about, unknowingly ready to cause damage to the nth degree to your windshield. Hatch Auto Glass has expanded its reach to the city of Anthem because the demand for quick and painless mobile windshield replacement was apparent, people who lived outside of the city were ready to get their vehicles serviced conveniently, and we heard them!

If you have a crack in your windshield and need it patched, give Hatch Auto Glass a chance! #supportlocal 

While there are many options for you to choose from for repairs in Anthem, Hatch Auto Glass should be your top choice for our state of the art customer and vehicle service. We strive to be the best windshield repair and replacement company in Phoenix by taking daily action to set ourselves apart whether that be through providing the utmost customer service or installing the highest quality of auto glass in the industry. Our commitment is to your safety above anything.

Do you have any questions about our process, COVID-19 health and safety accommodations, or would like to schedule a convenient mobile appointment? Don’t hesitate to call Hatch at (480) 447-3277.


Hatch Windshield Replacement Reviews | Anthem Customers

“I had a chip in the glass on my rear windshield that upon impact spread a tiny amount. Anyone who has lived in AZ long enough knows that we have more junk on our roads than any other state! I was HOPING that my windshield could be repaired instead of replaced.. I have a 2014 Dodge and didn’t want to go through the hassle of replacing the windshield. I took it to my buddy to see firstly if it was repairable, and he said for sure. I was sifting through places that did mobile repairs out to Anthem and I was happy to know that they were able to come out and service me! I know that my town is super out of the way for businesses that are based out of the Central Valley, but Hatch ensured me that it wasn’t a big deal, they’d done services out on my side before. One thing he told me was not to get the glass wet before the repair or they couldn’t get it done, and of course, I woke up the next morning with rain on the forecast. I called and they said that they’d get to me first thing to beat the rain."

"The tech showed up, not kidding, like 20 minutes later. Do they use time travel? He was quick moving, but thorough. Truly looked like a skilled pro that had been doing this for years. He said that he could repair it, and I was skeptical. I have seen really bad looking repair jobs that look a lot like super glue poured over a chip.. but not these guys!! After the FAST repair, it looks GREAT! I thought it was going to be repaired and look bad, but you can’t even tell! The repair was 50 bones flat. WELL WORTH it when you consider a new windshield would be in the $500+ range.. He warned me about windshield replacement people at car washes and at gas stations, not to get swindled by them n all that. He also taught me how to tell when a chip needs repair or not and to call when I’ve diagnosed. These guys give you tools to be a sharp customer and know what I’m talking about. He recommended that I check out their blog if I wanted to see some interesting stuff. I checked it out and learned more than I had ever thought possible to know about windshields. Hats off Hatch Auto Glass! Your number is going into my contacts list because I know that when I call, I’m an equal and a friend. I will be recommending y’all to anyone in Anthem looking for an easy windshield repair.”

“Rolled down my window this morning and it wouldn’t roll up which wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t absolutely the hottest day of my life outside. Having to drive 35 minutes to work in the sweltering heat WHILE LATE is hella no Bueno so I needed it fixed as sooooon as humanly possible. I called around getting quotes and thought that it was going to cost me an arm with also a side of my leg. One guy thought he was being nice by throwing a $10 discount. I was like, really guy? At this point that is so insulting. I know that he is just doing what he can to get business, but that’s not the business I want to work with. It wasn’t until I called Hatch Auto Glass when I started to feel like I was more in control of the situation. The guys on the phone were nice to me and talked to me like I knew what I was doing, which I didn’t, but they didn’t let it show that they knew more than I did and they made meant to have an interaction with them. I was even offered same-day service, unlike the other companies that told me that they must bookmobile services at least 24 hours in advance. I have to admit, I get a little frustrated every time I hear that it will cost me more for a repair because my car is European. I know that there are times where European cars have the most quirky rules. It took the tech 45 minutes to arrive, chat, fix, chat more, then head out, and in that time, I learned more about the regulation and why things are done the way that they are because of the difference in European vehicles. The window now works perfectly, better than it ever had before, honestly. He knew exactly what to do and made it look like the easiest job there could be. I really see how much they stand behind their work and the quality of the materials that they use. I know that I will be calling them again for any other repair, or to ask about another business that they recommend for different car issues than auto glass. As for now, I’m going to pass the word along and make sure that my friends aren’t getting taken advantage of or not shopping around correctly.”

Hatch: Auto Glass Services in Anthem

  • Mobile windshield replacement (front, side or rear)

  • Mobile windshield repair (front, side or rear)

  • Windshield Tint 

  • Windshield calibration (rain sensor, ADAS, temperature gauge, lane navigation etc.)

  • Power Window Repair

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