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Best Mobile Windshield Replacement | Apache Junction 

The Apache Trail and the U.S. 60 mark the figurative ‘X’ on the map where the city of Apache Junction would be placed. Since 1922, the Trail has guided its visitors through 120 miles of the desert scenery, mountains, along the lakeside, through old mining towns and canyons that have been beautified by millions of years of erosion. The Superstition Mountains have been a favorite location for directors to film its dramatic views and romantic sunsets. Glenn Ford, Elvis Presley, and John Wayne are some of the oldies that have graced our desert lands to put our eastern desert oasis on the map. For many of us that don’t happen to live in AJ, we’ll travel there for the ghost towns or museums, along the way collecting little dings on the winding dirt roads. Some of those dings turn out to be not so little. and could even end up on your windshield in the form of a chip or a crack.

If you have a crack in your windshield and need it patched, give Hatch Auto Glass a chance!

While there are many options for you to choose from for repairs in Apache Junction, Hatch Auto Glass should be your top choice for our state of the art customer and vehicle auto glass service. We strive to be the best windshield repair and replacement company in Phoenix by taking daily action to set ourselves apart whether that be through providing the utmost customer service or installing the highest quality of auto glass in the industry. Our commitment is to your safety above anything.

Do you have any questions about our process, COVID-19 health and safety accommodations, or would like to schedule a convenient mobile appointment? Don’t hesitate to call Hatch at (480) 447-3277.

Hatch Auto Glass | Local Customer Case Study | Apache Junction 

Heres is what one local AJ customer said about the service they received from Hatch Auto Glass Mobile:

“Hatch Auto Glass has the BEST customer service of any company (even non-auto glass companies) that I’ve ever done business with. I had a windshield replaced by a separate company back in 2018 and they did a poor job causing my windshield to leak. The company went out of business and I thought that I was stuck without a local business to work with once the going got tough and I absolutely needed to replace this windshield once and for all. No more repairs done by sketchy technicians that didn’t know what they were doing, making my windshield look worse and worse each time I would try to avoid having to replace the glass.  


I ended up getting pulled over and ticketed for my windshield and couldn’t bear to have it happen again, so I reached out to my Local FB group and was pointed in the direction of Hatch, it came highly recommended and I was pleased to be able to give this new company a chance. I am so glad that I did because I can’t believe that it was this easy all along! Just give them a call and they will guide you through everything, so so so unbelievably well that you’ll be able to handle everything with confidence the next time you have to replace a windshield. I won’t be hesitant any longer to give them a call, I really did receive the best service anyone could ask for. I wonder how many people are missing out on something so easy because of bad experiences that they’ve had in the past, these guys will really make sure you’re moving in the right direction and that you have all the material and information you need to be comfortable. No question is a dumb question with these guys, they really care about their community, the city of Phoenix, and their customers all the way out in Apache Junction! I really appreciated that I didn’t have to travel all the way to the city to have this type of top-notch service. There are so many possible businesses that you could choose, but I highly encourage you to take a look into Hatch Auto Glass for any glass repair needs.”

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