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Hatch Elite Windshield Replacement | Scottsdale

When people think of Scottsdale, they probably recall the sophisticated urban edge along the Sonoran landscape or opportunities to explore the vast desert mountains and northern pine forests. For some, they think of cars. Since the mid 20th century, this desert oasis has been home to dozens of dealerships for the most luxurious cars the valley has to offer. With all those cars out there on the road and all the constant construction that the heart of the city sees, there are more chances to get a crack in your windshield driving in Scottsdale on the highways or access roads than there is a chance to get a crack anywhere else. As life long residents of Scottsdale, we most definitely know what it's like to have to replace your windshield at a moments notice to keep your car looking in shape. Scottsdale is the general consensus for the most affluent large city in Arizona. Scottsdale is a desert city in Arizona. Scottsdale has one of the more unique downtowns with buildings aged back to the 1920s.

Hatch Auto Glass is entirely mobile and comes out to these local areas often to fix cracked and shattered vehicle windows. As a local business, and Arizona natives, we often schedule same-day window glass repair in Scottsdale, and always able to complete the next windshield glass repair in Scottsdale. We know Scottsdale expects quality in their windshield replacement experts. We only install the highest quality of auto glass repair and windshield replacement because we want Scottsdale residents to be safe and avoid driving with cracked windshields on the road. If you have any questions about why, when, or how to schedule your next windshield repair in Scottsdale. Call us now or find us on GMB!


We understand the high-quality auto glass service Scottsdale residents expect. Hatch delivers:

  • Front windshield replacement and repair | Scottsdale 

  • Rear windshield replacement | repair

  • Side window replacement  | repair

  • Window tint | ceramic window tint

  • Power window repair

  • Windshield calibration

  • R.V windshield repair

  • Exotics windshield repair | replacement


Hatch Auto Glass Repair | Local Scottsdale Residents Customer Testimonials 



Do yourself a favor and don’t look anywhere else but Hatch Auto Glass to repair your BMW windows. They actually use the best glass, they have experience and they are PROFESSIONALS! I have had experience with young men coming to replace mine or my families windshields who are not using the correct glass, insisting it is OEM when it is not, maybe they don’t know and are just doing and saying what they are told, but I have had to turn countless people away. I was calling my local guy who normally helps me get any job done to my Beemer, and I was eager to get this fixed. I was going to take my wife to Sedona the next day but seriously could not drive with the damage that occurred, it was that bad. My friend recommended Hatch to me and I was hesitant, not going to lie. My trusted friend vouched for them and that was all the assurance I needed.

Two hours later, they were at my home, after business hours, they were squeezing me in because I told them of my next day’s plans, and they were eager to assist. I was sent the most veteran technician and was greeted with an impressive customer service experience. His exemplary attention to detail was quite something that I’d never seen with a mobile service company and I am thrilled to have found the best in Scottsdale.

Two weeks later, I found myself in a similar situation while I was at my daughter's softball game, there was a child throwing his bat up in the air and my newly replaced windshield was the unfortunate recipient of the tail end of the projectile’s motion. In that moment, I wasn’t worried or stressed one bit. I was able to send a quick text to my new connection at Hatch and thankfully caught him at a great time. He was at their HQ and was able to bring me a new windshield and repair it right at the softball fields!

I am so impressed with Hatch Auto Glass and grateful to have found a company that services cars like mine, with the proper equipment and level of training. I have become a loyal client to them because they have shown me true service and have impressed me, of all people.”

“Hatch Auto Glass was raved about by a coworker of mine when I told them I needed to find something sooner rather than later. Professional, on time, energetic, and very enthused to help me out with my windshield. I would also rave about this business if given the chance. My husband and I are new to Scottsdale and we had our first (of what I’m sure will be many) cracked windshields. The great experience started on the phone with Kevin and followed two great appointments with two separate specialists for both windshields. They were prompt, courteous, and efficient in their work. I have a brand new windshield and you would never be able to tell just by looking at it. The repairs are both so flawless, we’re customers as long as we live in the valley! We like to travel around a lot and live in different places, and I promise you, these guys are seriously top-notch. Of the maaaaaaybe two handfuls of times that I have had to replace windshields in my life, this was BY FAR THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD! :D

Super stoked to be recommending these guys for quick mobile repair, it was truly the easiest thing. I wanted to call my insurance because I know that I have the works insurance plan with everything on it, only to find out that with comp and collision, you also get free windshield replacement without having had to meet your yearly deductible, um hello that’s the best! So then I just called right over to Hatch and scheduled the first service. It was a no brainer two months later when my husband's car was seeing the same type of windshield damage. I love the people over at Hatch Auto Glass, I’m sure everyone we recommend will, too.”

“I’ve repaired several of my own regulators and both the OEM and the off-brand manufacturers use plastic pieces whose lives don’t last, they end up breaking again and again, especially in the Arizona heat. The grommets for the speakers that the OEM regulator uses are expensive because it comes with the speaker. It's truly the biggest waste of money and materials to replace the speakers that I already have that are perfectly good and not the thing that I have issues with. It's also a huge pain to drill out the grommets and find somewhere in the toolbox the right screws to reuse the speaker if you end up going with an off-brand panel.


As I was driving home from work the other day when the window on the front passenger side just fell into the door unexpectedly. I had been dealing with this silly ass door for months now and thought it was time for me to give someone else a try. It was about 4 PM and 110 degrees out, dead in the middle of summer, and this was just one thing that I really didn’t want to have to take care of out in the heat for one more moment. Frustrated, I began calling around for a quick solution and stumbled across Hatch Auto Glass and called for a quote. I called two places where they would have wanted me to come and drop my car off, but they were all booked for the rest of the week. I called 3 other mobile repair services and this company by far had the most competitive prices PLUS their rep on the phone was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and truthfully took the time to explain the answers to each of the inquiries that I had. They were great on the phone with scheduling, truly easy and they will work around any schedule you might have. The chat that we had aside from the power window conversation was pleasant, as well! Can’t have a decent conversation with a stranger hardly at all nowadays! I am grateful for this opportunity to use this business. After a pleasant conversation, my repair was scheduled for the next day!

The service technician was kind enough to let me know when they were on the way to me and when he arrived. We talked for about 20 minutes about the issues that I’d been seeing and I felt like I could truly get my questions answered by this guy, the people on the phone, and the ones that are doing the job are really great! Upon taking my payment, he took the time and showed me which parts he was able to fiddle with and which were replaced. He explained the issue in a way that I could understand. I am very picky about customer service and the level of expertise that a company holds their standards for their employees. I would recommend them and use them again if ever necessary. With a 5-year-old and a newborn on the way, they really saved my life! Thanks, Hatch.”


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