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Know The Truth About Auto Glass Insurance in Arizona

Understanding Auto-glass coverage in Arizona can be confusing — In Arizona, from Tucson, Sierra Vista, Avondale, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Tempe to Chandler and all the other cities of Arizona, the auto insurance owner has the option of purchasing a separate auto glass waiver insurance. This additional waiver for glass is typically $10 to $20/month with most auto insurance companies.

If you have purchased and pay for this monthly glass waiver - you won't need to pay your full deductible when you have your windshield replaced or repaired in the state of Arizona, because it's a no fault state. This also means insurance companies can not raise your premiums due to windshield replacement when driving on the roads.

Why Bother Getting Your Windshield Fixed in Arizona?

Driving and Safety Arizona state regulations categorize any type of vehicle glass as a safety device. This means a crack in your windshield could jeopardize your safety, because it can cause impaired vision. Which makes driving with cracked auto glass a must fix. Therefore, it is a super high priority for vehicle owners to get their windshield fixed through a reputable auto-glass company, as soon as possible.

Rock Cracked My Windshield - What Next?

Most insurance companies prefer that policyholders report windshield damage to their insurance agents as soon as possible, and some companies have websites where people can report claims online (ex: Geico). In either case, claims representatives work with the customers to determine that they have the correct insurance coverage and then arrange for glass repair or replacement. Typically, Auto glass companies can help you file your claim with your insurance company, as long as the auto glass company is a verified preferred auto glass repair shop.

What's the Process For Getting My Windshield Fixed?

The state of Arizona requires insurance companies to allow their customers to decide which auto-glass shops complete the windshield replacement or repair on their vehicles. It is typical for insurance companies to allow their policyholders to decide which auto glass repair shop to choose. .Hatch Auto Glass and many other windshield replacement companies in Arizona is mobile and completes the glass repair in your area of choice.

Hatch Auto Glass is one of the many auto glass companies in Arizona qualified to fix your windshield. We do our best to provide 5 star service and keep you safe on the roads!

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