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Exceptional Windshield Replacement | Goodyear

A notable part of the Three Rivers Historical Society - the cities which grew at the confluence of the Salt River, Gila River, and Agua Fria River, along with Avondale, Litchfield Park, and Tolleson - Goodyear had its start in the cotton industry supplying the material for aircraft tires. Now, the city booms with spring training baseball games, hikers taking on the Estrella Mountains, and two man-made lakes that offer a lovely setting for green trees, picnic tables, and a beautiful desert scenery. Being out to the southwest of the heart of the valley is nice, so many opportunities to see some of the most gorgeous, unbothered views of our incredible sunsets. On your way out there to gaze at the warm toned sky, or on your way back, our highways have something in mind for you, a nice little souvenir that no one asks for, some rock to chip the windshield or even crack it beyond a simple repair.

If you have a crack in your windshield and need it patched, give Hatch Auto Glass a chance!

While there are many options for you to choose from for repairs in Anthem, Hatch Auto Glass should be your top choice for our state of the art customer and vehicle service. We strive to be the best windshield repair and replacement company in Phoenix by taking daily action to set ourselves apart whether that be through providing the utmost customer service or installing the highest quality of auto glass in the industry. Our commitment is to your safety above anything.

Do you have any questions about our process, COVID-19 health and safety accommodations, or would like to schedule a convenient mobile appointment? Don’t hesitate to call Hatch at (480) 447-3277.



Hatch Windshield Replacement | Local Case Study | Goodyear Customer 

“I am so glad that I found the best people out there. I had an absolutely terrible experience with another business in the valley, and I needed to get some faith reinstalled with the auto glass industry, and this was just the place. Hatch Auto Glass is top-notch, they treat all their clients with respect. I reviewed said company some time ago, when I was noticing that after the initial replacement that Hatch did not do, there was much more light being let into my car and it was much hotter. I messaged the sales representative with the business and she just disappeared when I started asking about the quality of the glass and if I could get any information about the specs. I was waiting about a week until I had to get it re-replaced, this time by Hatch, and done RIGHT! So silly to me how she just disappeared as soon as I started questioning the quality of the glass.


Once I was reached out to again by that horrible company, I was publicly accused of lying and was not apologized to at all for the miscommunication and dishonest experience. A simple apology for the entire unfortunate event could have been avoidable. Personally, this is the type of thing that will keep me far away from a business.

That is definitely NOT the case for Hatch. This business is great, they are all really stand up guys. I had spoken to a few different people over the phone and was transferred, even, to someone who had been working in the industry for years. He assured me that the glass was up to standard and that I would have a great experience with the new glass. When the tech came out, they actually showed me on the glass and on the paperwork where I could verify the safety information.

That was all I wanted, to make sure that I was safe. I wanted to be sure that I was driving the safest car that I could. I just want to say that the first darn company is lucky that nothing bad happened to me or someone else because of their negligence!!


I will be recommending you each chance that I get.“

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